If you would like to give to KingsGate church the following information is provided to explain the methods you can give by, what we will do with that money and what you need to do to claim 'Gift Aid' on your giving. We separate money given into the following categories, specified by the giver: 

  • Tithes - This is the 10% of our gross income which the bible says already belongs to God. Technically, we do not 'give' tithes, but rather 'return' them. At KingsGate we use these mainly to pay salaries and for gifts given by the church. 
  • Offerings - This is our free-will giving to God, in response to His generosity to us. We mainly use these to pay for the running costs of the church and it's ministries. 

  • Alms - This money goes into a ring-fenced fund, to be distributed to people in the church family first and then outside the church, who are in financial need. None of this money is used by KingsGate, we simply distribute it on behalf of the givers, as the Holy Spirit leads. 
  • Apostolic - Again, this money is ring-fenced, to facilitate the spread of the gospel. We do not use it for KingGate ministries or ventures, but distribute it locally and around the world, to churches and apostolic ministries, as the Holy Spirit leads. 
  • Other - Any other giving people wish us to facilitate. For example, giving to the venue or if someone wishes to give a gift to a particular person or ministry anonymously, we will deliver it on their behalf. (Please use cash or make cheques out to the intended recipient, not KingsGate). 

Gift Aid: Gift Aid is a system set up by the government to encourage giving to registered charities. If you make a Gift Aid declaration, the charity can claim back the lower rate tax (20%) you paid on the money given. Additionally, if you are a higher rate tax payer, you can claim back the higher rate tax paid on any money given, at year end in your tax return. 

To register for Gift Aid, you must set up a profile on this website and on the "Gift Aid" tab check the box indicating that you authorise the charity to claim Gift Aid on your giving, and you declare that you have paid more tax in a given year than the total amount of Gift Aid being claimed on your behalf. As a minimum, HMRC require you to supply your full name, house number and postcode to make a Gift Aid declaration. The charity keeps a copy of this declaration and you are issued with a reference number to link your giving to your online declaration. 


For more information from the government website on Gift Aid click here.

**Please note that we cannot claim Gift Aid on gifts to individuals, only on money donations given to KingsGate as it is a registered charity. 

Electronic Giving: If you wish to give by Standing Order or Internet Transfer, directly into KingsGate's bank account please use the following details: 

Account Name: KingsGate Church (Kingston)

Account Sort code: 40-52-40

Account Number: 00019298

Reference: please reference your giving with your Gift Aid reference number and specify what type of giving as follows. 

If your Gift Aid reference was 0112 and you wanted to give £100 comprising of £50 Tithe, £30 Offering, £10 Alms, £10 Apostolic the reference should be: GA0112T50O30A10AP10.

If the reference does not fit the details you need to supply, just attach the Gift Aid reference and email with the breakdown. 

Giving in person: If you wish to give in person it is best if this is done at a Sunday meeting. This is because all giving is counted and checked by non-staff members on Sundays after meetings to ensure proper checks and procedures are observed. Please place the money or cheque in one of the envelopes provided at the back of the auditorium. The envelope has space provided for you to specify your Gift Aid reference, and to detail how you wish the money to be administered. The envelope can then be placed in an offering box.